I Declare War

September 28, 2012

directed by Jason Lapeyre & Robert Wilson, 2012

Youth imagination and violence reaches newer-ish peaks with Jason Lapeyre and Robert Wilson’s I Declare War, a film that will instantly be compared to the likes of The Hunger Games, Battle Royale, and potentially The Lord of the Flies. While War is seemingly more influenced by the aura of pubescent jealously and betrayal, its core concept of youngsters brutally battling it out is far too familiar to ignore. There’s both good and bad spread throughout the picture, but the film’s most pleasing trait revolves around the believable relationships that the kids maintain. The filmmakers aren’t pushing the envelope as aggressively as one might thinkbut it’s not outside the realm of possibility for any of these youngsters to appears on the news one day. A film that should appeal to a wide-range of demographics, War casts an odd net that is equal parts absorbing, horrific and pedestrian.

Full review at Sound on Sight


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