Speed Racer

October 23, 2012

directed by Andy and Lana Wachowski, 2008

A dazzling showcase of movement and color, Speed Racer might seem like an odd project for the Wachowski’s to take on; it’s rather quite the contrary. Andy and Lana are almost too perfect a duo to take on a film where worldbuilding is the most crucial of necessities. Their work on The Matrix trilogy, while often frustrating, had the same assured audacity and detail within; a trait which makes Speed Racer the eye-popping visual wonder that it is. Above all else, the Wachowski’s constant themes are held intact within this film’s kinetic framework: Destiny and family stand above all else. While the film runs probably 20 minutes too long, there’s no rejecting the intensity of the Wachowski’s vision and execution. Each and every set piece has its own individual makeup and uniqueness, but this is all amounts to little without the busy color scheme and cohesiveness of the action. The Wachowski’s ambition has now brought them to Cloud Atlas, again, all too fitting given their prior films, it’ll be interesting to see if they can evolve with such a work.


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