January 26, 2013

directed by Taylor Hackford, 2013


Perhaps the best thing about Taylor Hackford’s Parker is its unwavering compatibility with comfort. This is not to say that all films (even January releases) should strive for such moderate appeal, but there’s something charming about a genre outing that realizes it’s not reinventing the wheel while providing ample thrills in the process. Scribed by John J. McLaughlin from a novel by Donald E. Westlake, Parker is leagues away from the best of its kind, though its sporadic pulse and leisurely swagger are tuned in such a way that inhibits this film from being an outright mess. Glorified genre gratuitousness has often been executed far more tastefully, but Parker partially glides off of the physical attributes of its main star and protagonist whose roundup of career genre outings have placed him near the top of Hollywood’s action A-list.

Full review at Sound on Sight


One comment

  1. I want to see this just to watch Stantham do more damage onscreen, even though the Transporter and Crank movies are far more worthy of my time than anything else he’s done recently. I wish he’d make another movie with Guy Ritchie.

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