The Place Beyond the Pines

March 26, 2013

directed by Derek Cianfrance, 2012


On paper, The Place Beyond the Pines is an intriguing prospect — an updated riff on the story of sins passed through the generations from fathers to sons. What is all the more arousing is the idea of writer/director Derek Cianfrance (Blue Valentine) spearheading the material. In short, Cianfrance fails to thoroughly deliver in his second feature as much of the emotional heft of Blue Valentine is stripped away in Pines. The ambient mood of such a world is intact as Pines pivots between a grizzled Greek tragedy and a kinetic thriller. Though in the end, the director’s pursuit of the next great American epic eventually falls short as it mistakes commonplace familial quarreling for hardship and pathos.

Read full review at Sound on Sight


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