July 13, 2013

directed by Matías Piñeiro, 2012


Viola runs only 65 minutes long, featuring hymns of candid expression and dancing revelation; its tactful sneakiness and willingness to reverberate is found in its fable-like moral glare. Almost defiantly free of some clear definable form, the unfurling of feeling and emotion within Viola is tied to Piñeiro’s probing of the “life as a grand stage” model. While the first 10-15 minutes of Viola can come across as quite trying, the quotidian shifting of this world is uncanny, producing an endless aroma of repetition and grace. The film is largely a riff on Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, centering on a troupe of young female actors and their seemingly endless musings on romance and love. Comprised of a mix of 7 plays, the text of Twelfth Night and the drama of Viola eventually shift backstage as the narrative leaves us floating alongside these beautiful actresses and their wide collection of insights and revelations.

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