Vampire Academy

February 10, 2014

directed by Mark Waters, 2014


Playing like a low-grade teen sitcom stretched out to feature length, Mark Waters’s Vampire Academy is a poor excuse of a film looking to cash in on the recent success of the seemingly undying vampire craze. It’s composed entirely of shopworn clichés, executed without the slightest hint of wit or humor. Fancying itself as an action/comedy/fantasy, Vampire Academy is none of those things; it’s simply a creative tomb that one hopes would signal the death knell of this tired genre.

Based on the young-adult series by Richelle Mead, the film concerns itself with the gossiping, clique-y and bloodthirsty students of St. Vladimir’s Academy in rural Montana. Zoey Deutch stars at Rose Hathaway, a half human/vampire assigned with the task of protecting vampire Lissa (Lucy Fry) from a group of immortal Vampires called the Strigoi. Along the way we meet other occupants of the school: Headmistress Kirova (Olga Kurylenko), Queen Tatiana (Joely Richardson) and an elder named Victor (Gabriel Byrne). Throw in a pack of hunky and joyless male vampires and you get the gist.

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One comment

  1. I saw the trailer for this film in front of The Hobbit Part 2 for some reason-not sure why they put a trailer for this type of film in front of a fantasy epic. It looked awful and made Twilight not only look good by comparison, but also G-rated. I am also reminded that Hammer Studios no matter how many vampire movies they made at least had vampire films with style and even some grace. The genre, just like the zombie film, has been beaten to death.

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