February 11, 2014

directed by Benny Vandendriessche, 2013


Details are left intentionally scarce in Benny Vandendriessche’s Drift, a wintry existential drama that follows an unnamed Belgian man’s own personal erosion and decay following personal tragedy.  As an offering of “slow cinema,” Vandendriessche is no Nuri Bilge Ceylan, and though this film’s strength ironically resides in its digital photography, Vandendriessche lacks the natural intuitiveness for his images to leave any lasting impact beyond their aesthetic assuredness.

What’s perhaps most disappointing about Drift is not its frail narrative or its thin characterizations, but its insistence on a mythical journey that is more about its main character flailing and moping around in the mud and muck of nature than it is about anything tangible. There are elements of human struggle within: the depiction of insanity especially, but Drift is too often defined by its banal structure to truly linger.

Read full review at Movie Mezzanine


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