Into the Storm

August 11, 2014

directed by Steven Quale, 2013

into the storm

Boasting an underwhelming itinerary of destruction for 89 minutes, Steven Quale’s Into the Storm is the latest entry in the seemingly never-ending found-footage genre. Existing primarily for a culture obsessed with personal documentation and YouTube (not to mention ostensibly serving as a change-of-pace breather from Marvel overload), Into the Storm is an erratic disaster yarn lacking in visceral thrills and dynamic set-piece creativity. Certainly, it pales in comparison to its obvious point of comparison, Jan de Bont’s 1996 Hollywood action spectacle Twister. Often more overwhelmingly silly than terrifying, Into the Storm, as a piece of entertainment, shoots itself in the foot with an off-putting penchant for falsely manufactured drama and cardboard characters.

Read full review at In Review Online


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