Blu-ray Review: Divergent

August 19, 2014

directed by Neil Burger, 2013


The post-Twilight era’s spawning of female empowerment is thankfully here to stay for the foreseeable future, but takes an unsurprising backseat to formula and perfunctory filmmaking in Divergent, the latest young adult series hoping to hit it big. Director Neil Burger (Limitless) conjures up an ill-advised and glossy slickness that renders Divergent a heavily artificial and disposable slog. Sadly, female wish-fulfillment is the name of the game here, as the film’s futuristic dystopian society is just a common placeholder for the rote trappings already existing within the genre. For now, here sits another slouching and mindless first entry of a franchise void of proper stakes and characterizations, one that should fare very well at the MTV Movie Awards in the coming years.

Read full review at Movie Mezzanine


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