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Camp X-Ray

October 29, 2014

directed by Peter Sattler, 2014

Camp X-Ray

Director Peter Sattler leads us down the path of purported empathy and compassion in his debut film Camp X-Ray, only to come up short in depicting the relationship between a female soldier assigned to Guantanamo Bay and a man she befriends who has been imprisoned there for eight years. Though the film is designed as a well-intentioned study of post-9/11 humanism between an unlikely pair, Sattler’s film mostly stays afloat not due to its forced and transparent dramatic structure, but strictly due to its two wonderful lead performances. It doesn’t take long to predict how this sort of film will resolve itself, and sure enough, Camp X-Ray refuses to take the road less traveled, resulting in a calibrated and phony act of tenderness that seems way too workshopped to consider taking serious.

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