Blu-ray Review: Tootsie

December 26, 2014

directed by Sydney Pollack, 1982


The iconic glow of Sydney Pollack’s Tootsie undoubtedly resides in its impressive cinematic shelf life, but it’s nearly impossible to envision anything close to the same film existing in today’s mainstream landscape where tricky and thoughtful gambits are almost impossible to come by. While the film’s take on shifting social and sexual identities does carry with it an undeniable expiration date, there exists a wealth of justifiable cause for the film’s well-earned Criterion facelift more than 30 years after its initial release. Spiritually astute, confidently performed, and blessed with the late Sydney Pollack’s knack for nourished character craftsmanship, Tootsie finds resonance not in the humor of the everyman struggling actor dressing up as middle-aged woman to earn a paying gig, but in locating personal betterment amidst its situational comedy exterior; it’s a movie about how acting and role-playing serves as a tool for enlightenment.

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