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The Canyons

August 3, 2013

directed by Paul Schrader, 2013

The Canyons

In all facets, The Canyons plays out like an MTV sitcom except it features dicks and boobs. Affairs, deception, and the idea of a private and interesting life are all but gone as this particular portrait of LA is etched in a catatonic state of hazy aimlessness. In this world, the men are either struggling young actors or trust-fund douchebags with ties to Hollywood who say “babe” way too often. The women lounge around in the sun with cigarettes and a drink, waiting around for their particular love interest to come home and screw them. The film adheres to boring conversations between couples that never really excel past who each has slept with, who each has just texted, and various other inconsequential exchanges.

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