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Blu-ray Review: My Own Private Idaho

October 12, 2015

directed by Gus Van Sant, 1991

My Own Private Idaho

To watch My Own Private Idaho (1991) is to bask in the freedom and horror of the open road and its unpredictable rhythms and patterns. Molded by an imperfect, rough conceit, writer-director Gus Van Sant’s third directorial effort stands as an obvious precursor to what the director would later tackle thematically during the late 1990s and well into the aughts. Though films such as Gerry (2002), Elephant (2003) and Last Days (2005) signify an unofficial trilogy of death, My Own Private Idaho captures Van Sant working within the revisionist road movie genre and without the clinical control seen in his aforementioned efforts; instead, Van Sant’s treatise on youth and queer culture remains delicate and empathetic, clear substitutes and early placeholders for what would come to define Van Sant’s work as it continued to evolve.

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TIFF 2013: Man of Tai Chi

September 10, 2013

directed by Keanu Reeves, 2013

Man of Tai Chi

Now far removed from the Matrix franchise, actor-director Keanu Reeves makes his directorial debut with Man of Tai Chi, a surprisingly spry and swift B-movie that never quite gets beyond its core concept to become more than the sum of its parts. As a battle between the traditional and the modern, Man of Tai Chi is part Fight Club, part Truman Show, a dim culture critique steeped in an unwavering brutality that is shown but never truly felt. While Reeves exhibits natural talent behind the camera, his debut carries an austere coldness that shuts out any semblance of diverting pleasure.

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