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Europa Report

August 5, 2013

directed by Sebastián Cordero, 2013


In a film generally more concerned with images than standard sci-fi shocks and thrills, Europa Report, the debut feature of writer-director Sebastián Cordero, features one image that especially stands out: a bird’s-eye-view shot inside a ship’s cockpit featuring all six members of Europa One’s crew, two members on the sides of the frame, the rest seen seated further in the distance. The wide-angle shot’s long depth of field slyly suggests a mission of sacrifice all in the name of the greater good—especially as that shot recurs throughout, but with fewer crew members seen with each new repetition. In essence, this shot acts as a neutral marker of progress, mildly raising the stakes each time it appears until there’s nothing further to report. Europa Report as a whole seems to be defined by this basic functionality: data and the “recorded image” as qualitative proof of achievement. Procedure and information propel this world forward—to the detriment of characterization and emotion.

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